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  • Hey there Icysugarspike! I see you added some handy photos to this wiki that is good they are all from that art book of yours eh? Hopefully with time you can get them all up. This place is really picking up eh? I managed to get a new editor here awhile back and since then the place has blown up. Will you be playing the new Imperial SaGa game? it as soo many characters in it I have been getting their artwork from that game and putting it here but there is still so much. 

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    • Glad to be back. A lot of art I haven't got the names for and I don't want to upload them incorrectly. That's probably what's holding me up. Is Imperial SaGa an iOS game? If so, I probably won't be playing it. :(

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    • ah I see I can understand that it is a great strategy there you use I do the same at times with images. Yeah I beleive so as you have to play it online or on a mobile device I am in the same boat though I want to play it badly you need to try and set up a japanese yahoo account and such and that is easier said than done now but I still get the artwork from a site for it all the characters look amazing in their new art.

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