Mesarthim is a mystic female in SaGa Frontier who lives in the lake next to Owmi. Like a mermaid, she has a fish tail on the lower half of her body.

Her inherent equipment is a Mellow Ring, which allows her to equip a suit, grants immunity to water attacks, gives her the Life Rain ability, and gives her the Maelstrom ability once she has all three mystic equipments.

Asellus's Quest

Asellus and Princess White Rose meet Mesarthim. She is being kept in the bathtub by the Lord of Owmi. They sneak into the basement of the Lord Manor. After defeating the Devil Squid, they find a waterway leading to the lake, and Mesarthim escapes.

If Asellus returns, she can recruit Mesarthim.

Other Quests

She offers either a Sea Stone or offers to join the party, but only if either Asellus, TimeLord, or Dr. Nusakan, but not Silence, was recruited.


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