Mayor's Nightmare is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga accessible from Loch Vaan.


The local Mayor has been plagued each night by a ghost, and you've been enlisted to track it down. You must locate the spirit and engage it in battle to rid the Mayor of the problem. You can explore the surrounding area for treasure but due to the limited number of turns you need to be cautious not to run out of turns before you defeat the ghost.

Upon finding the ghost, Regal Lion, you are engaged in a battle with him. While he only has 3 attacks, his two primary techniques deal large amounts of damage and he can easily wipe out your party if you are not fully prepared, or strong enough. Defeating the Regal Lion completes the quest and unlocks a secondary side-quest Regal Lion's Treasure.

Number of turns: 45


You begin a small mountainous region, with the ghost located in a small indoor area in the bottom left of the map.

The are no environmental obstacles in this side-quest.


  • Beasts
  • Birds
  • Insects
  • Undead (plus boss)
  • Vegeplasts

Notable Items

There are no notable items in this quest, however you can obtain a Magic Tablet by fighting the Guckie horde located amongst the crates in the northern section of the building interior.


  • Regal Lion is an undead monster unique to this quest only
  • Completion of this quest unlocks Regal Lion's Treasure

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