Maximillian Burgundy

Maximillian Burgundy

Maximillian Burgundy is the father of Kurt and head of the Knights of Gadeira.

Unlike Kurt, who has an open mind about the world, Maximillian believes that only the Knighthood should spread knowledge and protect the masses; per his interpretation of Iskandar's wishes. It is because of this clash of ideals that he disowns his son at the beginning of his story.

Halfway through the story, Maximillian conspires with his other son Leon Burgundy to spy on the Knight Jeanne Maure for reasons never fully explored. Unbeknownst to him was the fact that Leon had plans for him as well......

Leon sends assassins after his father during the Festival of Regina Leone, (while also sending a messenger to Kurt in the process); and only through Kurt's arrival in Vaftom was Kurt able to save his father's life. Maximillian's final fate isn't explained; though it can be assumed that he simply resumed his duties in the Gadeira Knighthood.

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