Marda is the creator of Mardias in the game Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.

Marda is the Father of Elore. It is also believd that he is the father of Death, Schirach, Saruin and Nisa. As well as other Gods, many of which are unamed and are belived to have died in the battle of the Gods. He was the also the creator of many of the ancient and most powerful races in Mardias such as the Giants and Dragons. Many of whome have now gone exticnt in the war between the Three Gods of Evil It is also the believed that the battle took the life of Marda himself. All that remains of Marda is his Legacy which are his children and world he left behind now govend by Elore. The Giants seem to have fought on the behalf of Marda, as they are the olnly race that seems to have memory of him. They have created powerful items in his honor, predominatly the Hand of Marda.

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