A Magic Tablet is a specific Growth Panel item that, once equipped, enables a character in Unlimited Saga to learn spellspermanently.

Magic Tablet

Kong Ming learning from a Magic Tablet

Magic Tablets come in a range of levels (linked to the Growth Panel) and varieties, each with it's own preset spells contained on it. The level and type of Tablet acquired changes in relation to your current Monster Rank, how many items your picked up and how many monsters you've defeated previously.

By putting a Magic Tablet on a character's Growth Panel they can steadily unlock and learn spells from the Tablet by using other forms of magic spells in battle. Once the character has cast a spell (from an item with a preloaded spell, or from a Familiar) they can allocate points to a spell on the magic tablet at the end of the fight. Once a particular spell's experience bar is maxed then the character will have learnt the spell, and can be used at any time provided the character has a piece of equipment that allows magic use.

If you learn all the spells on a Magic Tablet you will recieve a bonus to the Spirit and Magic stats as well as an increase to the Tablet's element for as long as it remains on the characters Growth Panel.

Magic Tablet Criteria

Although classed as a Growth Panel item, a Magic Tablet has a set of specific rules and usages, different to other items and Panels.

  • You can give a Magic Tablet to anyone, regardlessof their stats or magic abilities
  • A maximum of 3 Tablets can be allocated per character
  • You can carry upto 3 Tablets at a time (hidden from the Item screen)
  • Tablets collected will remain in your items until you successfully complete a quest. If you fail a quest you will still keep any Tablets picked up
  • You can only allocated 1 Tablet (or Panel) per character at the end of a quest, regardless of how many Tablets you have
  • Any Tablet(s) not placed on a Growth Panel will disappear when you exit the Growth Panel screen
  • A completely deciphered Tablet will give the character a 'Finished Magic Tablet' bonus until the Panel is removed by something else
  • Tablets and the spells contained on them cannot be trasnferred to other characters
  • Unlike other Panels, Magic Tablets can be found on the ground, in chests or dropped in battle by certain monsters.

Learning Spells

You won't learn any Magic Arts by simply having a Magic Tablet. You will need to choose to study a particular Tablet then use Magic Arts in battle. Once you've given a Tablet to a character you need to start an adventure. Press O and enter the "Magic Tablets" menu from the Status screen. Scroll to the Magic Tablet you wish to learn and press X (you can only study 1 Tablet at a time). The Tablet's name will be illuminated in yellow, indicating it is ready to be deciphered.

Enter into a battle and have the character use any Magic Art you have. By winning the battle you will be taken to the Magic Tablet screen (pictured above) and can allocate your spell points from battle to 1 spell. You can choose from a list of 3 unlearnt spells on the Tablet at any one time and add your spell points to it's experience bar. Filling the bar will mean the spell has been learnt and can be used in battle by the character.

There are a few factors one must keep in mind when deciphering Tablets. Spells become easier to learn when one uses Arts corresponding to it's element. (Such as using Fire Arrows to learn Fire Veil) Another factor lies in your location. Using Fire spells in a volcano or burning building will increase learning speed of Fire spells; as more Fire panels will appear in the Battle Reel. Conversely, deciphering ability of Fire spells will decrease in shores and lakes; as More Water Panels appear in the Battle Reel. And hitting the Reel of the opposite element as the spell your'e currently studying reduces how many spell points are alloted to it. However, using any Art in battle will bring the Magic Tablet up, regardless of Element.

Once a spell has been learnt, the list of 3 possible spells to learn will change, until all possible spells have been learnt and the Tablet is completely deciphered. Simple spells are always available first, with more difficult ones being made available as you progress, unless you have the Arcane Tongue panel, which allows you to learn high-level spells first.

If you place any additional Magic Tablet on your Growth Panel, the Tablet you were previously studying will be suspended until you reselect it from the Status screen. When you resume studying a Tablet you will continue where you last left off (no lose of spells, or experience points). Once a Tablet is deciphered it will have a star at the side of it in the Status screen to indicate it is complete.

Magic Tablet Locations

Magic Tablets are fairly hard to come by but can be dropped by monsters (most notably Treasure Chest monsters), or acquired from treasure chests in specific locations during certain side-quests. Each Tablet can only be picked up once per character, even if you fail the quest and try again, with the sole exception of the one at Leith Torles' Tower. Although each location is guaranteed to have a Tablet, the type and level will differ in relation to your Monster Rank, items, battles won etc. The following side-quests all have at least one Magic Tablet in them:

Forbidden Magic Tablets

Forbidden Magic Tablets are the rarest in the game. You can only obtain Forbidden Tablets by defeating Rainbow Guckies in battle. Rainbow Guckies themselves are equally rare and hard to find, but will only drop Forbidden Tablets of all levels.

Rainbow Guckies have a higher chance to appear in subsequent playthroughs of a character's story.

The only exception to this rule is during Judy's scenario, when a Forbidden Tablet is dropped (100% chance) after a boss battle.

Characters Pre-Equipped with Magic Tablets

Some characters come with Magic Tablets automatically equipped when they join your party. As the vast majority of characters are mages and some of the Tablets are fairly rare, it is better to fully decipher them before changing the character's Growth Panel.

  • Judy - Ancient Magic Tablet (Lvl 2)
  • Josef - Black Fire Artist Amati's Magic Tablet (Lvl 4), Druidic Scroll (Lvl 3), Metal Artist's Magic Tablet (Lvl 2)
  • Marie - Wood Artist's Magic Tablet (Lvl 2)
  • Michelle - Earth Artist's Magic Tablet (Lvl 1)
  • Norff - Wood Artist's Magic Tablet (Lvl 2), Water Artist's Magic Tablet (Lvl 1)
  • Kong Ming - Spriggan Scroll (Lvl 3), Wood Artist's Magic Tablet (Lvl 2)

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