Lumina Stones is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Wanda.


A retired inventor has gathered adventurers in a race to collect as many Lumina Stones as possible. The inventor will give his latest invention with the person who brings him the most Lumina Stones.

You need to collect at least 9 Lumina Stones to win in the alloted time. Lumina Stones can be found on the ground (examine to collect them), and a few more can be obtained from passers-by during the race. Simply walk around collecting any stones you find. At the half-way point a whistle will be blown to indicate the half-way mark and the opening of the exit (where you started). Another whistle will blow near the very end of the race, and if you fail to reach the finish in time you will be disqualified and fail the quest.

  • Northwest of the start point is a fortuneteller who gives you advice about where to find Lumina Stones. If you heed her advice and meet her again near the northern edge of the map she will give you a random item.
  • On turn 59 you will come across a group of adventurers heading for the exit. At turn 71, near the exit, the same group will give up and hand you 3 Lumina Stones.
  • On turn 74 an old man will ask you for 1 Lumina Stone. If you choose to part with it he will give you 2 random items.

The most efficient way of collecting Lumina Stones (*) is as follows:

Start - W - NW (fortuneteller) - NW * - NW * - W * - N - NE * - NE * - NW * - E * - SE (fortuneteller) - NE * (Magic Tablet) - S * - SE * - E * - S * - S * - S - SW - S - E (Finish)

If you complete this race in first place, regardless of how many Lumina Stones you collect, the inventors invention will break in your hands.

Number of turns: 81


The desert is a large interconnected, lattice grid with the start/finish position in the southeast corner.

The Lumina desert has a high percentage of Fire elements and requires the Road Guide skill to explore. There are no environmental obstacles in this quest.

This desert map is also used in the Night Desert side-quest.


  • Wildlings
  • Undead
  • Slime
  • Birds

Notable Items

  • Lumina Stone - Unique quest item needed to complete the race.
  • Magic Tablet - Located in the far northeast corner next to a Lumina Stone.


  • The Desert is a good place to build up a Fire Magic Tablet.
  • The more Lumina Stones you collect, the higher your Market Rank will be raised.

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