The Cavern of Murals

Lucky Glyphs

Lucky Glyphs is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Iskandaria.


The ancients painted many different Murals on the cave walls, some are said to bring good Luck and you want to find one.

You need to find the Lucky Glyph which is said to hide behind other glyphs in the cave. Search the cavern to find a glyph and examine it to engage in a battle. When the battle is over the Lucky Glyph will run to another glyph. Once you have defeated 5 glyphs you will be able to catch the Lucky Glyph. A mysterious, ghostly figure appears and congratulates you, dropping a treasure. Retrieve it to end the quest.

Number of turns: 100


The Lucky Glyph cavern is a small series of connected passageways. There are 6 Glyph locations located around the outside edges of the cavern, with the northern most Mural concealing a hidden passage (not the Lucky Glyph). The southern most glyph requires the use of the Swimming skill to reach it, while the entire cavern requires the Cave Guide skill for exploration.


  • Undead
  • Demons
  • Beasts
  • Aquans
  • Wildlings
  • Aquan (mural fight)
  • Beast (mural fight)
  • Birds (mural fight)

Notable Items


  • The Northern most Mural only conceals a hidden passage and NOT the Lucky Glyph.
  • Due to the small turn limit and possibility of Magic Tablets, this quest can be a good way to stockpile Tablets for your magic users. Just remember you cannot carry more than 3 unassigned Tablets at once.

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