"Armor protects you from enemy attacks and reduces damage. There are 11 types of armor, including shields and headgear. Learn the characteristics of each type and equip your characters with the right gear."
—Manual Description

This is a list of obtainable armor in Romancing SaGa 2. Armor can be classified as shields, helmets, hats, light armors, heavy armors, robes, full armors, gauntlets, greaves, clothes and accessories.



"Blocks/Diverts attacks. Shields can reduce damage and Guards can help you evade. No effect if using a two-handed weapon."
—Manual Description for Shields

Item Description Obtained from
Skysteel Shield DEF: 40. Shield. Raise DEF by 40 (20% chance).


"Solid headgear. Firmly protects the head. Strong against blunt attacks."
—Manual Description for Helmets
"Special headgear. Weaker against blunt attacks, but strong against magic."
—Manual Description for Hats

Headgears are separated into either helmets or hats.

Item Description Obtained from
Headband DEF: 1. Headgear. Boosts magic power.
Lion Helm DEF: 3. Wards darkness.
Tricorne DEF: 3. Headgear.

Body Gears

"Lightweight armour. Thin armor to protect the chest. Recommended for classes that require nimble movement."
—Manual Description for Light Armor
"Heavy Armor: Sturdy armour. Heavier than liught armor, it provides extra defense. Great for heavyweight classes."
—Manual Description for Heavy Armor
"Full body armor. Highly defensive armor. Not suitable for non-heavyweight classes."
—Manual Description for Full Armor
"Fabric for mages. Light, comfortable, and tough clothes. Perfect gear for magic users."
—Manual Description for Robes

Item Description Obtained from
Beetle Robe DEF: 8. Body Gear. Boosts magic power.
Crocodile Armor DEF: 6 Body Gear.
Iron Armor
Leather Armor DEF: 3. Body Gear.
Leather Armor DEF: 3. Body Gear.
Moonbeam Robe DEF: 4. Body Gear. Boosts magic power.
Skysteel Armor DEF: 25. Body Gear.
Sorcerer Robe DEF: 2. Body Gear. Boosts magic power.
Steel Armor DEF: 8. Body Gear.
Sun Robe DEF: 10. Body Gear. Boosts magic power.
Black Gardiehl DEF: 42. Body Gear. Wards darkness.

Full Armors

Item Description Obtained from
Hydra Suit DEF: 30. Full Armor. Wards poison.
Protective Suit DEF: 12. Full Armor.
Sweatsuit DEF: 15. Full Armor. Wards Sleep.

Battle Suits

Item Description Obtained from
Budo Gi DEF: 7. Battle Suit.
Doublet DEF: 2. Battle Suit.
Power Belt DEF: 1. Battle Suit. Boosts strength.
Protective Suit DEF: 5. Battle Suit.

Arm Gears

"Arm guards. Armor that protects the hands. Although lightweight and easy to use, they decrease the accuracy of archers."
—Manual Description for Gauntlets.

Item Description Obtained from
Gauntlets DEF: 7. Arm Gear.
Knuckle Covers DEF: 4. Arm Gear.
Mitaines DEF: 2. Arm Gear.
Oven Mitts DEF: 1. Arm Gear.
Uncanny Gloves DEF: 2. Arm Gear. Boosts strength.

Leg Gears

"Leg guards. Armor that protects the feet and shins. Some shoes may have special effects."
—Manual Description for Greaves

Item Description Obtained from
Leather Greaves DEF: 4. Leg Gear.
Steel Greaves DEF: 6. Leg Gear.
Rubber Soles DEF: 4. Leg Gear. Boosts SPD, wards lightning.


"Items with power. Not great at physical defense, but they offer resistance to effects or boost other stats."
—Manual Descripton for Accessories

Item Description Obtained from
Wind Ring DEF: 1. Strong against shock.


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