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This list of items in Final Fantasy Legend II shows all of the items, including weapons and armor, and their various attributes.

Other robot stat modifier - For weapons and shields, this column also indicates which stat can be trained if a human or mutant uses the weapon or shield.

Damage multiplier / fixed damage / healing - "x fixed" means that the item attempts to deal x damage minus the target's defense (if applicable). "x/y healing" means the item heals x HP outside battle and y HP inside battle.

x% y block/reflect - After the item is used, each attempt of an attack of type y by the opposing party will have an x% probability of being blocked/reflected.

Item table

Item typeNameUsesPriceRobot HP modifierOther robot stat modifierDamage multiplier / fixed damage / healingTargetOther effects and attributes
AxeHammer50509Str +2Str x6One enemy
SwordLong5040018Str +4Str x7One enemy
AxeAxe50140027Str +6Str x8One enemy
SwordBattle50320036Str +8Str x9One enemy
SwordKatana50680045Str +10Str x10One enemy
SwordGold501100063Str +14Str x11One enemy
SwordCoral402600099Str +22Str x13One enemyEffective against insects
AxeOgre402600099Str +22Str x13One enemyEffective against spirits
SwordDragon4036000117Str +26Str x14One enemyEffective against big reptiles
SwordSun4050000144Str +32Str x15One enemyEffective against undead
SwordFlame401700081Str +18Str x12One enemyFire elemental
SwordIce401700081Str +18Str x12One enemyIce elemental
AxeThunder401700081Str +18Str x12One enemyThunder elemental
SwordDefend4036000117Def +26Str x14One enemy80% Melee block
AxeRune4036000450Str x12One enemy100% magic reflect
SwordRapier5040018Agl +4Agl x7One enemy
SwordSabre50320036Agl +8Agl x9One enemy
KnifeCatclaw502600099Agl +22Agl x13One enemy
SwordVampic305090Mana x6One enemyAbsorbs 25% of damage dealt; ineffective against O-Para; effects are reversed against undead
SwordGlass150000144Str +321000+ fixedOne enemyIgnores defense and O-Weapon
SwordRevenge40680045Str +100SelfCounters attacks with MStr x5 or 2x damage taken + MStr, where MStr is Str / 2 if the user is poisoned and Str otherwise
BowBow50509Agl +250 fixedOne enemyRanged attack; 60% hit rate
BowGold50680045Agl +10320 fixedOne enemyRanged attack; 164% hit rate
ShieldBronze50509Def +20Allies50% melee and petrification block
ShieldSilver50140027Def +60Allies60% melee and petrification block
ShieldGold50680045Def +100Allies70% melee and petrification block
ShieldFlame301700081Def +180Allies80% melee and petrification block; O-Ice barrier
ShieldIce301700081Def +180Allies80% melee and petrification block; O-Fire barrier
ShieldDragon3036000117Def +260Allies90% melee and petrification block; O-Fire, O-Ice, O-Thunder, O-Poison barriers
PotionCure4509040/20 healingOne ally
PotionX-Cure430090150/50 healingOne ally
PotionCurse4300900One allyHeals Curs status
PotionEyeDrop4200900One allyHeals Blnd status
MiscAbacus30500090Str x10One enemy
SwordXCalibrUnlimited50000144Str +32max(Str, 70) x15Enemy groupRanged attack; never misses
BowSamurai3036000117Agl +261000 fixedEnemy groupRanged attack; never misses
MagicCure30680045Mana +0(Caster's mana + target's mana) x4One ally
MagicPrayer30680045Mana +0Mana x13One enemyDamages undead only
MagicFire30680045Mana +0Mana x10Enemy groupFire elemental
MagicIce30680045Mana +0Mana x10Enemy groupIce elemental
MagicThunder30680045Mana +0Mana x10Enemy groupThunder elemental
MagicFog30680045Mana +0Mana x10Enemy groupPoison elemental
MagicSleep30680045Mana +00Enemy groupInduces Sleep status

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