Leslie is a non-playable character in SaGa Frontier 2. She is the childhood friend, and possible romantic curiosity, of Gustave XIII. Leslie first met Gustave when he moved to Gruegel with his mother Sophie.

Years later the two are reunited at a garden party held by Sir Thomas, the Count of Jade, who has been Leslie's teacher in aristocratic manners and etiquette. Despite Gustave's fall from grace, Leslie still finds him interesting and enigmatic, which often puzzled the young Gustave. Leslie remained with Gustave well into his years, following his successful campaign to reclaim his kingdom. It is not really known whether or not the two of them ever fell in love as time went on, as Leslie is not seen in any further story development scenes. It is mentioned in the SaGa Frontier 2 Perfect Works guide that Leslie moved back to Gruegel to live the remainder of her days after Gustave's death, along with theories that they may have produced children together.


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