Leonid (レオニード) is one of the recruitable characters from Romancing SaGa 3.


Leonid is a vampire who lives in a castle in the small village of Podol. From time to time, he chooses young women from the village who are willing to live with him to become one of his mistresses, thus being granted eternal life and beauty. Leonid also holds the Holy Grail, one of the Holy King's relics, which one hels the Holy King's blood. He awaits for someone brave enough to venture into his castle and retrieve the Holy Grail, so he can swear his loyalty to him. Leonid is also acquainted with Mikhail, taking care of his sister Monica while the former takes care of the revolt on Loanne.

In battle

To recruit Leonid, you must retrive the Holy Grail, which is on the deepest portion of Leonid's Castle. Since the place has some powerful bosses, it is recomended to do this quest later on in the game. Due to being a vampire, Leonid has no LP at all, so he cannot be revived in battle. He is also weak to Sun magic and cannot be healed by normal means. He comes equipped with the powerful Dusk Robe, which cannot be unequipped, and can only equip ring acessories. He already starts with 666 HP, he automatically heals a little every round, is immune to all status ailments. He also cannot learn magic, being stuck with only his natural vampire skills, which allow him to steal HP from enemies or allies.

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