Leon (レオン) is the first of the three player characters in the game Romancing SaGa 2. He is a king. After his death, his stats and abilities transfer to his son Gellard.

Leon starts with the tech double cut. This actually prevents the players from sparking the tech later to add to the dojo. In order for players to spark the double cut tech, the players need to actually manually delete the tech from Leon's (or a future Emperor's) tech list before it can be re-sparked and added back in.

Stat Block

Name Leon
Gender M
Race human
Spark Type TYPE07 (Stagnant)
LP 19
STR 19
DEX 17
MAG 20
SPD 14
CON 20
Spell Power 36
Slash 5
Pierce 2
Bludgeon 0
Arrow 0
Martial Arts 0
Fire 0
Water 0
Wind 0
Earth 0
Light 2
Dark 0
WP 17
JP 11


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