Leith Torles' Tower is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Nivacolina.


It is said that the legendary wizard Leith Torles sealed the 5 Guardian Beasts inside the Tower. A strong magical power is still present, thwarting all challengers.

You need to navigate the Tower and make your way to the 6th floor, defeat the Guardians and dispell the Tower, unlocking the sealed Treasure Chest on the 1st floor. Follow the linear path all the way to the end of the 2nd floor. Examine the Magic Circle which will teleport you upto the 3rd floor. Follow the path around the 3rd floor to a fight with 3 Assassins. Defeat them to unlock a secret door near the start of the 3rd floor. Return to the now open passage and use the south Magic Circle to teleport to another fight with 3 Assassins. Defeating them will open another secret door, which can be reached by using the east Magic Circle. Enter the newly open passage to face a third team of 3 Assassins. Defeating them will open the door upto the 4th floor, which can be found on the way to the first Assassin fight.

While on the 4th floor use the northwest Magic Circle to teleport to another part of the 4th floor. Find the northeast Magic Circle to teleport to the 5th floor (the southern Circles in both parts returns you to the start of the 4th floor). Continue up the 5th floor to the rooftop. You need to defeat 3 of the 5 Guardians here by travelling down one of the bridges and breaking the colorued seal to fight the Guardian. When you have defeated any 3 of the 5 Guardians you will be returned to the 1st floor Treasure chest, which you can now open to find a Magic Tablet and end the quest.

Number of turns: 400


Leith Torles' Tower consists of 6 circular floors. Floors 1, 5 and 6 are a siingle, circular path, while floors 2 - 4 are linear paths dotted with Magic Circles that will teleport you to another part of the floor you are on.

The 5 Guardian Beasts on the 6th floor are each assigned a different colour, in order from the 5th floor entrance:

  • Firebird (Red) - A simple foe, just use a Blackout attack like Raksha or Bopeep, or combos.
  • Ajatar (Blue) - A mid-strength Dragon with varied abilities, and a Stunning attack that can hit everyone. Deflection weapons are extremely useful for the battle.
  • Amemit (Black) - A strong opponent with high HP but low LP. Focus on strong, single attacks (weak against Blackout) to whittle him down but beware of his powerful attacks. Avoid if you are not very strong.
  • Sabre Tiger (White) - An easy Beast enemy you should have faced before. Combo to death in a short time.
  • Gold Dragon (Yellow) - A strong Dragon with lots of attacks that hit all allies. Switch and heal party members regularly and focus on strong, single attacks. Another to avoid if you are not very strong

The Tower requires the use of the Architect skill to explore.


  • Birds
  • Slime
  • Demons
  • Insects (1st floor)
  • Wildlings (2nd floor)
  • Undead (4th floor)
  • Birds (optional boss)
  • Beasts (optional boss)
  • Dragons (optional boss)
  • Humans? (boss)

Notable Items

  • High-level Magic Tablet - Found in the sealed treasure chest at the base of the Tower


  • It is possible to recieve the Magic Tablet from the sealed chest multiple times. If you run out of turns while failing to Defuse or unlock the chest and it opens you will recieve the Tablet but run out of turns, not completing the quest properly. You can then re-do the quest and obtain the Tablet again.

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