Laubholz Tower

Laubholz Ghoul Tower

The Laubholz Ghoul Tower is a special scenario for Wil Knights' side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

The Ghoul Tower scenario does not directly belong to the game's chronicles. While all other scenarios are numbered and dated, following a certain sequence, the Ghoul Tower is a bonus scenario that allows you to gain 4 very valuable pieces of equipment.


Preceeded: Tycoon Wil (1247)

Similar to the other side-quests it is made playable any time after the scenario "Tycoon Wil (1247)" has been completed when your party members drastically change (excluding minor characters who only participate for one or two scenarios).


When you arrive in Laubholz at the start of the scenario, feel free to explore the town and visit the item shop. This is a good place to exploit the Oak Staff Loop.

When you feel ready, exit to the east and go to the Ghoul Tower. The whole place is infested with undead enemies (hence the name) who masquerade as normal people. Do not attempt to talk to anyone as they will all attack you!

Elven Lyre:

Begin by climbing to the very top of the tower. You will come across a large organ inside the roof-top greenhouse, which needs to be switched off (just examine it). Head back down a screen to the library area and examine the skull statue in the middle of the room. Defeat the pair of Ghosts that appear.

Continue down one more screen and take the south-west door. (If you climb the stone ladder in the wall before entering the bottom door you can access an Ark Stone). You will find yourself on a ledge to the left of a spiral staircase, staring at a giant portrait on the wall. Examine the Crystal Ball on the pedestal underneath it to be attacked by 2 more Ghosts. Once they are defeated head back one room, enter the middle door which should put you at the top of the spiral staircase you were just next to. Descend the stairs and exit through the door to be on a ledge above the entrance to the tower. Examine the status to fight a Gargoyle.

When the Gargoyle is defeated return to the very top of the tower (past the organ) and claim the Elven Lyre from the pedestal underneath the winged statue.

Anima Crystal:

Once you have activated the Elven Lyre sequence a Crystal Ball will appear in the basement. Head back to the entrance of the tower and enter the door in the lower-right. You will see the Crystal Ball in the middle of the floor. If you touch it you will be attacked by a group of Anima Ghouls. These monsters prevent Spell Arts from being used during combat, so you must defeat each one with weapon Arts alone. When they are all defeated you will recieve the extremely useful Anima Crystal.

Cinderforge Sword:

Obtaining the Cinderforge Sword is no easy feat, and requires you to defeat a series of tough enemies. Begin from the start of the tower by heading up 2 screens. On the 3rd screen you should be outside on a staircase. Defeat the pair of Ghouls here and continue up to the Library where you will be attacked by a Demon Grass, who leaps out from the painting next to the skull statue.

Another monster is lurking, hidden, to the left of the painting in the alcoves. Draw it out (you don't need to fight it) then take the bottom door back a screen. Enter the middle door to the spiral staircase room where another monster waits to be defeated. Return to the start of the tower to fight yet another monster. Afterwards, return to the 3 tier-room (middle door leads to the spiral staircase room and top door leads to the library) and there should be a semi-transparent skeleton floating around near the entrance from the lower floor. (Make sure to save/quick save now!)

Touching it will summon the Lich and his two body-guards, the High Disciples. They have between 11,000 - 14,500 HP and the Lich has ~23,000 HP, so the battle will be tough. Make sure characters have access to "Life Water" and "Recovery Breath" as well as Petrify-nulling equipment. Defeat the Blue Disciple first then the Green Disciple, before focusing on the Lich. If you keep a rotating of characters healing and attacking then you should be able to defeat the master magician. As the Lich dies he leaves behind the Cinderforge Sword, the most powerful sword in the game (without the use of a Pocketstation).

Notable Items

  • Cinderforge Sword - 70 ATK, Steel, Highest attack sword without the Pocketstation mini-game
  • Elven Lyre - Tone Quell, 28 ATK, Tone-resistant, Tone Arrow (2 SP), Only Quell Bow
  • Ark Stone - Usage recovers all party members' HP, WP & WP
  • Anima Crystal - Usage recovers a characters' HP, WP & WP

Notable Enemies

  • Lich - 22,666 HP, 4 LP, Weak to Hit & Heat, Attacks can +Petrify
  • High Disciple (green) - 14,539 HP, 3 LP, Weak to Hit, Heat & Petrify
  • High Dsciple (blue) - 11,196 HP, 3 LP, Weak to Hit, Heat & Petrify
  • Gargoyle - 18,621 HP, 30 LP, Reduce Cut, Missile & Heat damage, Attacks can +Petrify
  • Demon Grass - 12,226 HP, 16 LP, Weak to Heat and Cripple, Can heal with "Swallow" and call for back-up
  • Anima Ghoul - 4,173 HP, 42 LP, Nulls Spell casting and SP/WP recovery, chance to drop Anima Crystal


  • You can leave the Ghoul Tower at any time, thus ending the scenario, regardless of how many treasures you have acquired, or bosses you have killed.

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