Laubholz is a town in SaGa Frontier 2.


Laubholz Tower

Laubholz Tower

It is home to the bonus area the Laubholz Ghoul Tower, which is home to some of the best items in the game, including the ellusive "Cinderforge Sword".

Laubholz is also the gateway to the snowy landscapes that surround Weissland, and sits at one end of the Grand Valley bridge expanse.



  • Laubholz allows you to exploit a loop in buying/chipping items that lets you increase your overall Crowns/Chips count. By buying as many Oak Staffs as you can carry you can take them to Gruegel or Vogelang and trade them in for a profit. Returning to Laubholz will allow you to buy more and repeat the process, increasing your Crowns/Chips counters.
  • 'Laubholz' means 'Deciduous Wood' in German. A fitting name, considering the landscape surrounding the town.

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