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Kyo is a town in SaGa Frontier.

Locations in Kyo

  • Souvenier Shop
  • Doujou- where humans can do the Mind Quest.
  • Syoin- a BlackX underground drug lab is located here. Itg has a greenhouse (where the plants needed to make the drugs are presumably grown) and a chemical tank.
  • Port

Red's Quest

Red comes here during a stopover by the Cygnus. He visits the Syoin, where he meets a Mec who tells him about BlakcX's four emperors.

Later, he goes to the Syoin and destroys it by planting a bomb near the chemical tank. Outside the burning ruins of the Syoin, he fights Metal Black (M Black).

Red can come here to obtain the gift for Mind Magic.

Other Quests

Humans can come here to do the Mind Quest. In Riki's and T260G's quests, the human characters automatically finish the Mind Quest.

Shopping List

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