Koorong is a city in SaGa Frontier whose port is a major hub for inter-regional ships. As such, the city features prominently in all quests.

Locations in Koorong

  • Bank - a place to exchange gold and credit.
  • Backstreets and Sewers - a maze of above-ground and underground passages. The entrance to the Natural Cave is in a sewer, and Dr. Nusakan's clinic and pzkwV's shop is in the Backstreet.
  • Natural Cave - a natural crystalline cavern. If the player is doing the Rune Quest, the Hide Rune resides at the end of the dungeon.
  • Shuzer's Base - the base where Shuzer operates. Only accessible in Red's Quest.


Sword Shop

  • Zero Sword

Gun Shop

  • Lethal Gun

Helmet Shop

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