Knight's Mausoleum is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Vaftom.


Journey into the Knight's Mausoleum and unlock the Conqueror's Chamber.

The turn limit is very short for this massive, 4 storey map especially with all the backtracking you need to do in order to complete it. If you feel like exploring, do that solely on a separate attempt of this quest.

When you are ready to begin head south from the starting crossroads and follow the path to the descending stairs. Once downstairs, continue south and west to another set of descending stairs leading to the Hall of Heaven. As you walk around the ground will shake with an approaching monster. After a short while a giant Wildling will burst in and attack you. Once he is defeated a locked door in the southern part of the Hall of Heavens will open.

Return to the stairs back up to the 2nd floor. Follow the path east and northeast to another set of descending stairs leading to the Hall of Hades. Similar to the Hall of Heavens walk around until you are attacked by another giant Wildling. (This boss is great for learning high-level Arts). Once he is defeated another locked door will open in the mid-west of the Hall of Hades.

When both Guardians are dead another series of doors will open, one in each of the two Halls. Enter the Conqueror's Chamber (Iskandar's Mausoleum) in the Hall of Hades to finish this quest.

Number of turns: 140


The Knights Mausoleum is a massive, 4 storey complex of corridors and linking staircases. Each staircase leads to a completely different part of the other floor, or Hall of Heavens/Hades. If you make a wrong turn, or are unsure where to go, it can take a long while to get back on the right track. Sticking strictly to the quest objective is essential, unless you have already fully explored the mausoleum previously.

There are no envrionmental obstacles in this quest, but you will need the Architect skill to fully explore.


  • Aquans
  • Undead
  • Slime
  • Demons
  • Insects
  • Vegeplasts
  • Wildlings
  • Wildlings (boss)

Notable Items

  • Treasure chests - Behind the locked doors in the Hall of Heavens and the Hall of Hades (requires you beat the respective Guardian)


  • This location is used for one of Ventus' main quests.
  • The 2 Guardian monsters are good for learning high-level Arts.

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