Kjaraht is a region of Mardias in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.

A nation embroiled in constant conflict due to civil unrest, because of poor diplomatic relations with neighboring states and poverty stricken areas of the country. It is at constant odds with its neighbors Rosalia to the north, and the Knights Dominion to the south.

While South Estamir can be reached from North Estamir, Tarmitta is unreachable, unless one recruits Barbara or progresses in the Water Dragon Rite quest.


  • South Estamir - One half of the two Estamir cities, this sits at the northern tip of the region
  • Tarmitta - City built on vast waterways, capital of the region
  • Lake Malar - A large lake in the southwest of the region accessible by boat
  • Assassins' Guild - Home to the Assassins, a once mighty clan that ruled much of Kjaraht