Kalandorn Alovi

Kalandorn alovi

Kalandorn's battle sprite

Kalandorn Alovi (also known as トゥース・ブラッドベイン, Tooth Bloodbane in the JP version) is a mysterious vampire, who searches for the elusive Dragonheart in Ventus' quest. It is later revealed that Kalandorn is the person who killed Ventus' brother Briza.

Kalandorn is the head of "The Ensanguined League", a group of humans that aid Kalandorn in his quest to obtain Dragonheart. Kalandorn seeks the power of Dragonheart so he can defeat Phantom and the Knights of the Round Table who have held sway over the undead for millenia.

When Kalandorn gets his servants in the League to ambush Ventus in Leith Torles' Tower and steal the Dragonheart, he is struck down by a mysterious force somehow related to the Knights of the Round Table. He later re-emerges at Two Moons Temple for a final showdown with Ventus.

As a Boss

Kalandorn has two forms. First, He will sit within a swarm of Bats, doing little more than throw them at the party. Many of this forms attacks can Blind a character. This form also has a high chance of interrupting your combos due to how many actions Kalandorn takes, though all of this form's attacks are blockable with a Shield or blocking weapon. After the Bat Form takes 22 LP of damage, Kalandorn jumps from the swarm and gets serious.

This form functions exactly like the first encounter with him at the start of the story, with the exact same attacks as before, though his "Pummel" attack now has a high chance of inflicting Blackout. This form has 25 LP.

Battle Quotes

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