Jade Forest is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Serin.


Successfully journey through the Jade Forest's Eye, famous for getting adventurers lost. Simply follow the initial path to the end. Examine the sign to enter the Forest's Eye. From here all you need to do is travel directly south for 4 turns to emerge in the southern portion of the Jade Forest. Make your way to the southwest corner to complete the quest and unlock the town of Sadovos.

Number of turns: 180


The Jade Forest is split into 3 areas; Northern forest, Forest's Eye and Southern forest. The Northern forest is a single, linear path. The Forest's Eye is an essentially unlimited area made up of 3 different squares, each with a myriad of paths. Simply going south repeatedly will take you to the Southern forest, while heading north will take you to the Northern forest. The Southern forest is a small area of woodland with lots of short-cut passages and exits in the northeast and southwest.

You can examine one of the hollows to be teleported to a different area of the Southern forest, but you will often be hit by falling logs dealing minimal damage.

The Jade Forest has a high percentage of Wood elements and requires the use of the Road Guide skill to explore.

There are no environmental obstacles in this quest.


  • Beasts
  • Vegeplasts
  • Birds
  • Insects

Notable Items



  • The Jade Forest is the first quest in Judy's story.
  • Jade Forest is the home of Platyphyllum and the Wood Elemental Gear in Laura's main quest
  • In his main quest, Armic meets Pharr and finds the Wood Tablet fragment here.
  • The Jade Forest is a good place to build up a Wood Magic Tablet.

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