Isthmus is a location in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.
Isthmus map

Isthmus map

A cliff-top plateau, which is home to the Isthmus Keep, the Isthmus region is a part of Rosalia, having been wrestled away from the Bafal Empire. The Isthmus plateau also houses the Isthmus Cavern, which has a mysterious link to the old God Saruin.

To unlock Isthmus one has to:

  • Recruit Gray
  • Recruit Albert
  • Reach Yeoville while playing as Sif or Albert
  • Talk to the female NPC close to the keep in Loban
  • Complete one of the 3 ending quests

Early on in the game, inside the keep, there's Albert, whom can be recruited.

Useful Proficiencies

  • Find Chests

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