There are some types of items in Imperial SaGa, some which mixes SaGa with mechanics that remember some other games.

Growth Orb: Raises probability to learn new waza and stat up.

Imperial Flag: Allows Sudden Army Attack!

Protection Stone: Prevents characters from losing LP.

These items are used outside missions:

Return Orb: Resets character's stats, allowing him/her to grow strong again.

Bed: Adds one Bed to the INN.Up to 5 can be bought.

Time Jewel: Finishes some tasks instantly.

Stronghold: Maximum Character capacity up.

Yellow Healing Potion: Heals completely an ally or awakes character instantly. Can get up to 10. You can get these in 5+ hours in absence.

Red Healing Potion: Same above, except you can buy with Crowns.


Crowns: Main currency in game, can get by buying with Yen or by daily or special Rewards.

Magic Book: Used to learn and intensify magic in the Magic Laboratory.

Scroll: Used to hone and lower SP cost from waza.

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