Ciato Ildon and Rastaban

Ildon (bottom)

Ildon, along with Ciato and Rastaban, is a mystic male in SaGa Frontier. He is an advisor in the court of the Charm Lord Orlouge, who is ruler of Facinaturu.

After Asellus wakes up from receiving a transfusion of mystic blood, Ildon is assigned to train her in her mystic abilities, and gets her a new dress from the tailor. He later confronts Asellus and Princess White Rose on a ledge in the Facinaturu Floor. Asellus and White Rose escape.

Later, he learns that Ciato had absorbed Rastaban's mystic energy and intends to do the same with Asellus. He comes to warn her and joins the party.

He asks Asellus if she is ready before her final confrontation with Orlouge.

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