Ice Slab Sea is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Torle.


A merchant has requested you bring back some high quality ice that never melts. This request has led you to this dangerous sea full of ice floes. Find the Eternal Ice to complete the quest.

Although this quest has a 200 turn limit you will still need to be cautious and quick as the Ice Slab Sea is a large place riddled with hazards. Start by heading southwest onto the ice floes. Certain places will require you to pass a Reel System check. If you fail you will swept back 1 position by a powerful wave. Keep heading southwest, then turn north to reach the 2nd portion of the sea.

Head east/northeast onto the ice floes and turn north to reach the 3rd portion of the sea. Again, beware of the powerful waves here. Once in the final area of the Ice Slab Sea, simply follow the path north being careful on the Ice floes as the Reel System checks are a lot more difficult than previous encounters. Once you reach the end you will find the Eternal Ice, ending this particular quest.

Number of turns: 200


The Ice Slab Sea is split into 3 sections. The 1st and 2nd areas are fairly large expanses of interconnected ice floes and landforms, many with a Reel System check. In the west of the first area is a shortcut towards the 2nd portion of the Sea that requires the use of the Swimming skill to use. The 2nd portion of the Sea is made up of a small landmass at the starting point, and heavy ice floes to the east, leading to the 3rd section. In the southwest of the ice floes is another Swimming location, containing a treasure chest.

The 3rd and final portion of the Sea is a simple, linear path with 2 high-level Reel System checks obscuring access to the Eternal Ice.

The Ice Slab Sea, in all locations, has a high number of water elements and requires the use of the Road Guide skill to explore.


  • Aquans
  • Birds
  • Demons
  • Undead

Notable Items

  • Treasure chest - Found in the southwest of the 2nd area ice floes (requires the Swimming skill)


  • The Ice Slab Sea is a good place to build up a Water Magic Tablet
  • While the game nevers says it, this quest is actually a styory-related quest for Ruby, as completing it progresses her story further along and unlocks the Seven Wonders for her.

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