Harid (ハリード) is a main character in Romancing SaGa 3. He is originally from the Naj Desert. He is excellent with a sword, and one of the best fighters in the game.


A Prince of the Gessiah Dynasty of the Naj Kingdom which has been destroyed 10 years before the start of the game. He has animosity towards the Divine Church as they were the ones who destroyed the Kingdom and overthrown the rule of the Monarchy in lieu of a theocracy.


His ending differs depending if you got his best weapon: The True Kamsheen, in the Capital of Kings. If you did, he never finds the Princess and continues being a mercenary. If you didn't get the True Kamsheen, he will find the lost princess of the Naj Kingdom.


  • Harid is the only black skin character in the game, one of several black skinned characters in the whole SaGa series, one other important character being Grace from Unlimited Saga. The others, would be different generations of recruitable character classes in Romancing SaGa 2: Diver, City Thief (Male), Holy Order (Male), Mountain Monk, Tactician, and all the Desert Guard generations.
  • Harid has the Highest Greed Counter in the game, this may affect getting the Aurora to appear if you chose to ask about the reward for the Ice Lake quest with Harid as your lead character.



Romancing SaGa III SFC) Harid's Theme02:11

Romancing SaGa III SFC) Harid's Theme

Harid`s theme song

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