Gruegel is a possible side-quest in SaGa Frontier 2. It can be accessed from the World Map whenever you have a major change in party members. For example; Wil Knights can visit Gruegel after "Tycoon Wil" as both Cordelia and Labelle leave the party.


The Greugel side-quest is best used as a way to buy/convert Chips as well as purchase custom made Tools, providing you have the money and Chips to do so after unlocking them for purchase.

Notable Items

This is a list of all the Custom Tools you can comission in the game. In order to unlock any item for creation you must meet the specific conditions; Skill Levels above 25 and a certain amount of Chips in circulation.





Cost Condition Item


Crowns Chips Skill Levels Circulated chips
Babrashka Spear 1500 1000 Spear & Tree 25+ 9000+ --
Beast Dancer Bow 2000 1000 Bow & Beast 25+ 12,000+ Best none-Steel bow
Carlthel Sword 2000 1000 Sword & Stone 25+ 10,000+ --
Hawk Wind Axe 1500 1000 Axe & Beast 25+ 9000+ Strongest Axe
Limstokes Staff 1000 1000 Staff & Water 25+ 8000+ Increase Heat defence
Pan Flute Amulet 500 100 -- 1000+ Tree & Tone item
Soul Crystal Item 500 200 -- 5000+ Recovers all HP, LP, WP & SP


  • This sidequest is repeatable, as long as you meet the conditions for unlocking it.

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