Gellard (ジェラール) is the main protagonist for the second part of the game Romancing SaGa 2 and an level 3/5 playable character in Imperial SaGa. He is the younger brother of Victor and the son of King Leon, whom the player initially plays. After this, the player picks the successor of his/her choice to be the protagonist for the remainder of the game. His Commander ability in Imperial SaGa ups all Romancing SaGa 2 characters.

Prior to Leon's death, Gellard will be wearing his tunic, and white pants. However, after the time skip, he gets a cosmetic upgrade and his character will then start wearing gold armor. In addition to this, Gellard's tech spark type also changes.

Stat Block

Armored Non-Armored
Name Gellard Gellard
Gender M M
Race human human
Spark Type TYPE15 TYPE07
LP 16 16
STR 17 17
DEX 22 22
MAG 19 19
DARK 11 11
SPD 20 20
CON 11 11
Spell Power 35 35
Slash 0 0
Pierce 0 0
Bludgeon 0 0
Arrow 0 0
Martial Arts 0 0
Fire 0 0
Water 0 0
Wind 0 0
Earth 0 0
Light 0 0
Dark 0 0
WP 0 0
JP 0 0


Gellard is featured on the game's box art wearing an ornate helmet.


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