Gecklings are a race of humanoid lizards who appear in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.


They live in the jungles on Walon Isle, separated from most humans due to their distrust of them. According to the Minstrel, the Gecklings were created from ordinary lizards by Saruin to serve as his army. Though they learned to use weapons, they tired of combat and deserted him to live in peace on the islands. It is not known if Saruin harbors any resentment toward the Gecklings for abandoning him.

The recruitable character Guella Ha is a Geckling who doesn't mind the presence of humans, a sentiment not shared by many of his race. The residents of Geckling Village in particular, located between Godongo and Oapu, are very distrustful of humans and will only communicate with, and acknowledge, the player if Guella Ha is present.

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