Garden of Death is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Longshank.


You were asked to retieve a letter that a local man has lost somewhere in the Garden of Death. You need to track down the letter by chasing after a group of monsters who have stolen it. As soon as you begin, examine the group of monsters to find they have the letter. The monsters run off and you need to find them. Head northeast (or east if you have the Obstacle Crossing skill) to enter the 2nd part of the Gardens. You'll find the monsters in the northwest corner, who will run off when you examine them again. Head to the southern most area to find them again. Upon examining them they run off again. Head to the most eastern part of the Gardens to find them a 4th time. Once again they flee upon being examined. Return to the 1st part of the Gardens and head to the southeast most portion where you will find a thick wall. If you found the monsters 4 times, they will break the wall down and run off again. Follow them into the dead-end and retrieve the letter.

Once the letter has been retrieved, the owner runs up to you and asks for it. You now have the choice of returning the letter to him, or reading it first. If you choose to read the letter it turns out to be a love letter that says:

"Dear Marie, my love, I fell in love with you when I first set my eyes on you in Longshank"

Either option will end the quest, the latter will end with the owner storming out of the Gardens looking rather embarrassed. Number of turns: 290


The Gardens are made up of 2 connected areas. The first area is a criss-cross of linked paths inhabited by strange gas plants. Landing on one of the plants has a chance of expelling gas, which will disorientate the party and send them in a random direction for 1 place. The northern and eastern areas lead into the 2nd part of the Gardens, with the eastern path requiring the use of Obstacle Crossing to proceed. The southern area of the Gardens is a wetland area, with a Swimming hazard and Aquan monsters.

The 2nd portion of the Gardens is a small, connected area with a single Obstacle Crossing location. Both entrances from the 1st part of the Gardens are in the northwest area of the map. The dead-end where the letter is found is in the west and can only be accessed through the broken wall after finding the monsters 5 times.


  • Undead
  • Birds
  • Vegeplasts
  • Demons
  • Beasts
  • Wildlings
  • Insects
  • Aquans (wetlands only)

Notable Items

  • Seeds - Found near the gaseous plants, often holding items when examined


  • The Marie in the love letter could refer to Judy's sister Marie who is found by the Gardens in Longshank during her main quest.
  • This quest location is used for one of Judy's main quests.
  • This is the only quest that contains the gaseous plants capable of moving the character in a random direction.

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