SF Fuse

Fuse is a human male in SaGa Frontier. He is a patrolman for IRPO. As befitting his name, he has a short temper and gets cross with anyone who makes him angry. Fuse personifies the "bad cop" in the classic "good cop, bad cop" duo, with his former partner Ren being the "good cop". From what little is known, Fuse greatly respected Ren as an officer and acknowledged his partner's abilities. He excels in hand to hand combat and is generally geared towards learning all the Martial Arts moves in the game. 

Red's Quest

He questions Cindy Campbell along with Red in the C.T.C. Building in Manhattan. He later joins Red briefly when he helps him defeat Nomad and her pirates who hijacked the Cygnus.

Fuse and Group

With (clockwise from left) Rabbit, Silence, Cotton, Doll and Ren

Fuse later joins Red in Manhattan. He can also join the party if Red seeks the Shield Card in the Arcane Quest before talking to him in Manhattan.

Emelia's Quest

Fuse interrogates Emelia about the murder of her fiancé Ren.

He joins her if she completes the Mosperiburg mission to obtain the Shield Card.

Lute's Quest

Fuse warns Lute about Mondo.

He joins him if he completes the Mosperiburg mission to obtain the Shield Card.

Other Quests

He joins the party if they complete the Mosperiburg mission to obtain the Shield Card.


  • Fuse was intended to be the eighth playable character, and a title screen sprite even exists in the game data. There is further evidence to support this, such as a janitor costume for Fuse to wear when sneaking into Despair with Annie for the Rune Quest.
  • Related to the above, Fuse has a shadow in Omble.
  • Fuse's real name is Lostar.


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