Fugar's Mansion is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Longshank.


The wealthy Fugar has entrusted his wife's jewellery to his Butler who seems to have lost it in one of the mansion's many dressers. The Butler gives you a Key Axe and asks you to find the jewellery in time for Fugar's party. Simply head north from the start. Use the Key Axe to open the door by passing the Reel System check and enter the room. Examine the dressers and use the Key Axe to break them open by passing another Reel System check. Keep breaking open the dressers until you find the jewel.

If you fail to open a dresser, simply re-examine it to try again, with no negative effects. Number of turns: 67


Fugar's Mansion is a tiny single storey map with only 14 possible locations. There are stairs down to the 2nd floor in the southeast corner, but these are inaccessable in this quest.

There are no environmental obstacles or monsters to fight in this quest.



Notable Items

  • Key Axe - Unique quest item used to break open doors and the dressers.
  • Magic Tablet - Found on the floor in the most southwest room


  • The Key Axe only appears in 2 quests: Fugar's Mansion and Vanished Mogul.
  • This quest is best done early on due to it's shortness, lack of enemies and low level Magic Tablet.

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