Frosthold Fortress is a dungeon location in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.
Frosthold Fortress map

Frosthold Fortress map

The Fortress sits atop the Frozen Lake in Shiverland, Valhalland and is home to a powerful artifact; the Obsidian Sword Fatestone. Access is restricted due to a large ice-sheet covering the front of the fortress. This can only be thawed out by assisting the Faerie that will appear in front of the fortress after you visit the Netherworld, or reach ER 22.

Once inside the Fortress you will see the mysterious Red Mage hanging around, who asks for your help getting the treasure from deep within. If you have a spare slot in your party you can choose to recruit him if you wish.

Your goal is to reach the Statue Room on 1F. On the way down you will come across 2 separate candle puzzles (Floors 2F East and 2F West). In order to open one of the nearby gates, you will have to make all the candles' colours match (green, blue or red). If you wish to open all the gates, you will need to change the candles' colours to match one of the other colours. You do not need to open the gates to progress, but some of the rooms have treasure in.

Be careful in the long corridors on both 3Fs as icicles will drop from the ceiling above the frozen ramps.

Reach 1F and enter the Statue Room. Approach the large frozen statue near the altar to try and obtain the Obsidian Sword from Frielei. Elore charged her with being the Fatestone's guardian so she will not simply give you the sword, though the battle shouldn't be too hard late in the game.

When you have liberated the Obsidian Sword from Frielei, head back to Frozen Lake (exit). As you leave the Fortress, Red Mage will ask you to give him the sword. Refuse the request and he reveals himself as Spite, one of the Minions of Saruin. Defeat him to finish the quest and retain the sword. Should you hand over the sword, you will receive 200 of favor with Saruin. Also, if you had a party member equiped with The Ice Sword die on the way out of the dungeon, Spite will not show up.

Useful Proficiencies

  • Find Chests
  • Disarm Traps
  • Pick Locks


  • Alternatively, you can refuse to help take the Faerie's lock of hair to Merholm. If you leave Shiverland, then return again the ice will have disappeared but you'll miss out on the "Frozen Lake Faerie" quest.
  • It is possible to recruit Frielei if you manage to complete Frosthold Fortress with 4 party members. After the battle for the Fatestone, Frielei will ask to join, and this is the only occasion she will be available to recruit and should you disband her, you won't be able to get her back.

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