Fake Gustave is a character in SaGa Frontier 2.

The specific origins of Fake Gustave are unknown. After a battle a wounded man claims to be Gustave XIII's grandson. He produces an 'ordinary' Anima stone as proof. A soldier takes the stone and puts on a show at Westia inn, trying to look like Gustave. He even dyes his hair blonde within seconds by the mere force of thought. Looking for subordinates the Fake Gustave leaves the inn and travels around Sandail.

He visits Sargon at the Quarry Site and inducts him to the rank of Edelritter Knight. Fake Gustave raises an army and takes over Hahn Nova before being defeated by King David (Count of Jade) and the Laubholz army at the legendary Battle of South Moundtop.

During the Battle of Hahn Nova Gustave has a Incredible Amount of LP (41 LP), Wields a Galatyn

Defeated in Battle of South Moundtop, Gustaf tries to Search for the "Fake" Gustave's Body out on the battlefield and Gustaf discovered that, Gustave & the Edelritters have vanished, than Will Knights refers to Gustave as "The Egg"

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