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Japanese name エミリア
Romaji Emiria
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 24
Home Region Unknown
SaGa Frontier Character

Emelia is one of the main characters in SaGa Frontier.


"Formerly a successful fashion model, Emelia left the modeling industry disillusioned and unhappy with her life. Then she met Ren, who provided her with the love and security she though she'd never find. They were quickly engaged, but to Emelia's horror Ren was murdered before they were married. Though she had only witnessed the crime, Emelia was charged with murder. Armed with the knowledge of the murderer's identity, she escapes from jail to find the man responsible for destroying her happiness."

Emelia's Quest

Emelia's Quest starts in Despair, where she is imprisoned for Ren's murder. The warden offers freedom to the first prisoner to touch the Freedom Rune. Two other prisoners, Annie and Liza, help Emelia reach the rune, thus granting her a pardon.

Emelia goes back home where she is attacked by the Joker. Annie and Liza takes her to meet Roufas at Roufas's Restaurant in Koorong, where he invites her to join his organization Gradius.

Afterwards, she chases after Joker, going on missions to Shingrow, Baccarat, and Trinity Base. On her second Trinity Base mission, she receives an angel broach from Mondo. The last mission in the game has her going to a chapel near Yorkland, where she confronts Joker.

Other Quests

Emelia makes a brief appearance in the beginning of Red's quest. She and Ren are passengers aboard the Cygnus.

In Red's quest and the other quests, Emelia joins the party in Baccarat if they had started the Arcane Quest, just before entering the Gnome Cave.


  • Emelia does not recruit any Mecs in the game, claiming she is "not good with machines".
  • There are two endings for her story. One ending simply has her contemplate her time with Gradius while looking over a cliff. The other has her get married to Ren, who turned out to be the host body for Joker, which was apparently a sentient mask.
  • Emelia is able to change her sprite appearance on the map and in battle by changing outfits. The official English strategy guide incorrectly states they improve her learning rate with different styles; in actuality, they strengthen the category they're associated with and increase the overall damage output of a specific category (for example, her Pink Tiger costume increases the power of any Martial Arts she's learned while the Bunny Girl outfit increases the power of any spells she wields).


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