Ellen Carson (エレン・カーソン) is a main character in Romancing SaGa 3.


Ellen is originally from Pidona and skilled with axes. Unlike her sister Sarah, she is outgoing and prefers a good fight over daintier pasttimes. She grew up with Julian and Thomas as friends.

In Imperial SaGa

Her Magic choices are Fire and Earth.

Rank HP Weapon Attack Defense Agility Starting Art Note Get On
General 259 Martial 20 18 26 Missions and Race
General 268 Martial 26 25 17 Geisha, can't use magic. Limited Offer
Event 313 Spear 23 21 29 By Defeating 8+ Aunas in Four Noble Devils Event.
Emperor 434 Axe 29 27 38 Race
Emperor 435 Spear 39 31 23 Geisha. Can't use magic. Limited Offer - Race
Emperor 435 Martial 40 39 31 Can Learn Voice of the Heart. Valentine Event

Although her stats hint that she will be an Amazon-type, Ellen grows extremely fast in attack, and al ittle fast in agility.Her drawback lies in her difficulty to flash waza, but you can make her inherit someone's waza, that can fail, but it gives great results if she learns.Train her, she can be quite deadly with maximum growth if tou doesn't have any General/Emperor that can use the weapons she does.


Back in Shinon, she watches over Sarah as she recovers, when she does, they meet up with everyone again, presumably they would be talking about Thomas and Julian, or the characters in your final party.



Romancing SaGa 3 - Ellen's Theme02:08

Romancing SaGa 3 - Ellen's Theme

Ellen`s theme song.

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