Dragon of the Fiery Mountain is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Kimbali.


Journey deep into the volcano to grab the treasure from the dragon that calls Fiery Mountain it's home. Follow the linear path east as it curves back on itself to the southwest corner and the 2nd area of the volcano. Along the way you will encounter walls of fire across the path. You can pass through and take damage to the party, or alternatively you can use the Water Spell "Bubbleblow". Complete a Reel System check to cool the path enough for you to cross uninjured.

In the deep volcano follow the path west as it curves to the southeast corner. You will come across a patch of red hot magma, bubbling over the path making passage impossible even with "Bubbleblow". Backtrack a small way and take the northern fork above the magma to find a rock. Examine the rock to push it into the magma forming a stepping stone to the Red Elder Dragon, guarding 3 treasure chests. Defeat the dragon and claim the treasure. Exit the dragon's treasure room to complete the quest.

The Red Elder Dragon is a tough opponent at any time, depending on how you managed getting through the volcano may have left you with little LP. It is hard to damage the dragon, so focus on single strong attacks rather than combos as this leaves you open to his devestating attacks. Rotating characters and using spells like Purify will help a lot.

For additional challenge there are pairs of Magma Spirits (Demon monster) dotted around the volcano, most of which guard treasure chests or short cuts through the volcano. Number of turns: 200


The Fiery Mountain is a mid-sized, 2 level map with a mostly linear path. There are fire wall hazards along most of the map (which can be neutralised with "Bubbleblow" or passed through for damage), along with rocks that can be dropped into the magma creating additional paths. Two bridges on the initial level of the volcano, once stepped on will break into the lava blocking access back to the start unless you drop one of the rocks into the magma for a make shift stepping stone.

Magma Spirits guard 3 treasure rooms: Far east entrance level (locked, requires the Locksmith skill) as well as Northwest & Southeast of the deep volcano.

The Cave Guide skill is required throughout the Fiery Mountain.


  • Undead
  • Demons
  • Wildlings
  • Beasts
  • Demons (optional boss)
  • Dragon (boss)

Notable Items

  • 3 High-level Treasure chests - Located behind the Red Elder Dragon to complete the quest.
  • 3 Treasure Rooms - Located behind 3 pairs of Magma Spirits throughout the cave.


  • The volcano is a good place to build up a Fire Magic Tablet.

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