The quest takes place in Drachenvale. There you will end up fighting against the Dragon Knight. The fight requires you to perform the "Dragon" vortex. This follows with some events, unless you have Neidhart in your party, and you get the Dragon Shield.

Executing the Dragon vortex

Many players have difficulties launching this vortex. This guide might help players somewhat with the execution of it.

The first rule is that all 3 moves used in the combo must be of the same type. Several types exist, here are 3 examples, with some techniques to unlock early :

  • Multi-Hit: One-Two-Three, Rolling Slash, Swing Down, Double Stab, Rapid Volley, Triple Shot
  • Dash: Rocket Spear, Impact Slash, Cutting Lunge, Maim, Charge
  • Stun: Disrupt Air, Feint, Knee Split, Grasshopper

All of these have to used in a specific order in combat (you have to press the square button in battle and use these techniques in the right order), if this order occurs, then a combo can be formed. It is very important to note that the characters also NEED to be in specific battle position: Go to "Position" in the menu and make sure that the 1st character in the combo is in the front row, the 2nd in middle, and 3rd in the back row. It is possible for this to work if reversed.

With some of the earlier mentioned techniques, these sequences could work:

  • Multi-Hit: Rapid Volley => One-Two-Three OR Triple Shot => Swing Down
  • Dash: Impact Slash => Cutting Lunge OR Maim => Charge

WARNING: Current with the techniques listed in the Stun category, it is impossible to form a Dragon vortex, this will need reworking. If you wish to figure out your own way to form a combo, check out Ramtieger's FAQ, section [RS360]:

Also worthy to note, to increase your chance of this working, you could make a character in this combination of a specific class, namely either Imperial Knight or Imperial Marine. Just be sure to have the Marine be the 1st or 2nd in the combo, and have the Knight be the 2nd or 3rd.

Confirmed executions

Because some may still doubt things, here are a few combos which were confirmed on video:

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