Dragon's Haven is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Kimbali.


See if Dragon's Haven really lives up to the title by venturing deep into it. There are essentially 2 ways to complete this quest, depending how you first enter the Dragon's Haven. From the starting position head east and examine the monument. It will tell you how to enter the Crevice. If the wind is calm you can safely enter, but if it is blowing violently you will be blown to an unknown area. If the wind is calm simply head east once more and enter this Crevice. (There are 2 other entrances at the northern most area, but this one is the quickest and most accessible)

Alternatively, keep heading east until you reach the "Fang Like Rock". Choosing to enter the Crevice here will require you to fight a Magiwinger (Dragon monster) before enterring.

Regardless of your entry you need to make your way to the Arbitor's Eye within the Haven. From the first Crevice simply head east then north at the end fork to enter. If you fought the Magiwinger, or enterred through the other 2 Crevices, you will need to circle anti-clockwise around the Crevice to reach the entrance to the Arbitor's Eye.

Once in the Arbitor's Eye you need to be careful. You need to head directly southwest to the exit across the floor. On each space is an eye that will open and close. If the eye is closed you will be able to pass by unharmed. If you land on a space where the eye is open you will be forced to fight a Red, Green or White Dragon before continuing. When you exit the Arbitor's Eye you will finally be in the Dragon's Haven.

Follow the linear path until you are met by a Gold Dragon. He challenges you to a battle (along with 2 Wyverns) in order to protect the King's Burial Site. The Gold Dragon can be a dangerous opponent, but while the 2 Wyverns are still alive he won't attack as much as if he were alone. Use strong, single attacks to take down the Gold Dragon before turning on the 2 Wyverns to complete the quest. Number of turns: 80


Dragon's Haven consists of 4 circular storey maps. The starting level is a single ringed path with a single Obstacle Crossing location just north of the start. Once inside the Crevice a series on connecting paths link all the entrances to the Arbitor's Eye in the center. The 3rd floor, Arbitor's Eye, is a interconnected lattice shape with exits in the northeast and southwest corners. Dragon's Haven itself is another single clockwise spiralled path, ending in the Gold Dragon fight.

The Cave Guide skill is needed in all 4 locations of Dragon's Haven for exploration.


  • Birds
  • Vegeplasts
  • Beasts
  • Insects
  • Dragon (optional boss)
  • Dragon (boss)

Notable Items



  • If you are confident in your party's strength you can use the Arbitor's Eye area to purposely fight Dragons and attempt to learn some high level Arts.

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