Drachenvale is a dungeon location in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.
Drachenvale map

Drachenvale map

Drachenvale is a mountainous gorge, located in the southern half of the Knights Dominion, and rumoured to be home to the fabled Dragon's Court and Dragon Knight.

Lord Heinrich tasks Raphael, aided by the Hero's party, to journey to the Dragon Court and meet with Dragon Knight in order to become the rightful successor to the Dominion's throne.

Useful Proficiencies

  • Find Chests
  • Find Ore
  • Mine


  • If you have ever met Prince Neidhart during the game he will show up and battle Dragon Knight after you pass the trial. Niedhart will kill Dragon Knight and claim the treasure of Mirsa for himself.
  • You can avoid the death of Dragon Knight by either never seeing Neidhart in a playthrough, or by having him as part of your party when you complete the trial for Raphael.
  • When playing as Albert, obtaining Mira's Armor will result in a costume change for Albert.

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