Dr Nusakan

Dr. Nusakan is a mystic male in SaGa Frontier and an level 2/4 playable character in Imperial SaGa.He operates a clinic in the backstreets of Koorong. His inherent armor is Mystic Wear, allowing him to equip suits.

Riki's Quest

Riki and Mei-ling seek his help after meeting a possessed girl in Yorkland. He helps them exorcise the girl and get the ring. He stays with the party afterward.

Blue's Quest

He offers to lead Blue to the Hide Rune if Blue is doing the Rune Quest.

In Imperial SaGa

Commander Skill: Ups mystic absorption chance.

Rank HP Attack Defense Agility Weapon Choice Starting Art Get In
High Soldier 177 16 16 18 Gun Colloseum
King 327 25 24 28 Foil Sidewinder Race

By far, Nusakan is the worst mystic avaliable, mainly because ghe can't heal with his coat, and because Mesarthim uses water magic alongside shadow magic. As a mystic, his status are very low, depending with absorptions to grow. Alongside Kujinshi, Nusakan is one of the worst Shadow magic users.


Fuse in party "You treat anyone too roughly"
Asellus in party "Your mystic blood..."
Recruit "Usually, I don't make house calls."
Death "Are these my last moments...? Interesting...


  • He was supposed to have a greater role in Asellus's quest. Asellus would seek his help concerning her mystic blood transfusion.
  • According to the Essence of SaGa Frontier, Dr.Nusakan has power equal to an Mystic Lord(Like Orlouge or Virgil), but he doesn't care and wants to research about all types of illnesses.

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