Were you looking for Diana (Minstrel Song)?

Diana is a character in SaGa Frontier 2. She was born a settler in the Northern Continent. She is only playable in one scenario, and afterward goes on to become the wife of Rich Knights and mother to Ginny Knights.

Diana first meets Rich when her village in North Gate was destroyed by giant sand worms. Rich asks her if she would like to join in his adventure to become wealthy together, and not knowing what else to do, Diana joins him. After a successful victory in the nearby Fossil Cave, she falls in love with him. Despite Rich leaving her in pursuit of the Egg, she awaits his return ever since.

Despite her gentle demeanor, Diana is actually quite gifted in weapon and magic arts. Her proficiencies lie in Swords, Spears and Staves while her spellcasting talents lie in Stone, Water and Beast. While she is playable in only one scenario and has low starting stats, she can become powerful easily.

Scenario History

Scenario Name Year Age
To the Fossil Cave 1280 20

Starting Equipment

  • Stone Knife
  • Caster Cloth
  • Wood Shoes

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