The Desert Ruins are a dungeon location in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.
Desert Ruins map

Desert Ruins map

Located within the vast Kaklim Desert in the Dry Lands, the Ruins sit atop of the Nisa Cavern and Merholm, home to the Topaz Fatestone.

There are 3 entrances from the surface ruins underground, but only 1 really goes anywhere. When you are in the main portion of the ruins make your way down to 2F, where you will see a large insect mini-boss blocking the tunnel into the caverns.

The tunnel leads to the underground Nisa Cavern, which is home to the Terranites, a group of hooded figures who live deep within the earth. Their leader will ask you to leave, but ignore him and continue on into the second portion of the caverns.

Keep bearing left through the tunnels to reach another giant insect blocking access to Merholm. Within Merholm you will find the Taralians, who have migrated from the Steppes of Galessa during the quest "Missing Taralians". Cross the bridge over the underground lake to reach the Altar of Nisa.

Pray at the Altar and you will hear the voice of Nisa, asking if you are prepared to face Saruin. If you accept the charge, you will be blessed by Nisa and recieve the Topaz Fatestone. You can also return to claim the powerful Sword of Earth from the Terranite leader.

Related Quests

  • Missing Taralians
  • Frozen Lake Faerie

Useful Proficiencies

  • Find Chests
  • Pick Locks
  • Disarm Traps
  • Find Ore
  • Mine


  • If you have the Chalice from the "Return of the Vampires" quest you can recharge it (repair) by praying at the Altar of Nisa in Merholm.

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