Deployment is a gameplay mechanic in SaGa Frontier 2.

The term Deployment refers to the ordering, or placement, of characters on the field during a Party Battle. There are a total of 8 possible kinds of deployment, but they can be explained in three basic variations:


Deployment Diagram

1. Ordered - Character position is maintained, facing the opponent in approximate ranks. This is the usual positioning, achieved when you have touched an enemy sprite from the front while moving slowly.

2. Disordered - Character position is altered, but you still face the enemy in lines of ranks. A slight disordering in your character positions results from having touched the enemy from the side or back while slowly moving.

3. Greatly Disordered - Both characters and enemies are scattered around the field, with attacks occuring from any direction. Running, or being touched by an enemy will result in a Greatly Disordered deployment. Due to the scattered nature of this deployment ,it can be incredibly difficult to perform Combos or utilize Arts with Areas of Effect that hit multiple targets. The battle order will also be greatly influenced by the Optimum Distance mechanic. As most enemies use forms of martial arts attacks, they tend to act faster than your characters as this form of attack is more suited to close proximity combat.


  • Certain Roles, such as Scout, can help to maintain an ordered deployment, even if you touch or are touched from the side or behind. This particular role also nulls any negative effect to Deployment from running.

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