Danger in the Mines is a sdie-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Vaftom.


There has been a cave-in in the mines and the Panah (the local animals that work in the mines) have gone crazy; find out why.

Start out following the path. Head east as soon as you can into the dead-end. Read the note found on the floor. Return to the start and head west to find another note. Continue along the path and enter the hatch to the lower level.

Head northwest to find one of the Panah playing with some Bomber Ore. Retrieve the Ore (taking some damage from the Panah's kick) and continue through the tunnels. Head to the northwest corner for a hatch back up to the 1st level. Keep heading north to find a second Panah. Having read the note you should dig twice. Examine the monster and choose not to dig. Examine the Panah again and dig, causing it to frenzy, dropping a piece of Bomber Ore. Quickly retreat to avoid damage.

With 2 pieces of Bomber Ore in hand head east from the 2nd Panah to reach the cave-in. Examine the wall to use the Bomber Ore and clear the path. Follow the tunnel to an opening and confront the Jester Y (Demon monster) causing the Panahs to frenzy. Defeating the monster will complete this quest.

Number of turns: 300


The mine is split into 2 levels, the upper level (where you start) and a lower level accessed by two hatchs in the southwest and northwest. The upper level is basically a cross-shape, starting from the southern tip with 2 paths branching off each side. There are 2 Panahs, one in the far north and the other in the southwest (near the hatch). Their heads are accessable from the upper level, and their legs from the lower level. By reading the 2 notes found in the mines you will know where each Panah's piece of Bomber Ore is.

The lower portion of the mines is a smaller area with interconnected paths and 4 locked doors (require the Locksmith skill to access).


  • Slime
  • Birds
  • Undead
  • Wildlings
  • Demons (boss)

Notable Items

  • 2 Treasure chests - Behind separate locked doors in the lower portion of the mines (requires the Locksmith skill to access)


  • The Metal Elemental Gear (Gloves of Venus) and Musol Yanii can be found here during Laura's main story.
  • The Metal Tablet fragment (Venus's Mirror) and Edel can both be found here during Armic's quest.

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