Dagul Bos' Castle is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Escata.


You need to venture deep into Dagul Bos' Castle in order to challenge him, unaware that he isn't in the castle. From the start go right and follow the stairs. Make your way to the bottom left stairs of the 1st floor to reach the 2nd. Follow the corridor to the stairs back down to the 1st floor, and the boss fight with Dagul Bos' minions. You will be attacked by 3 Minotons. Using an attack like Raksha or Bopeep can kill them in one hit, and end the quest very quickly.

Number of turns: 100


Dagul Bos' Castle is made up of 3 floors; the 1st floor is a lattice pattern of rooms, the 2nd floor consists of two separate corridors (dependant on which stairs you take from the 1st floor), and the 3rd floor is a linear prison dungeon area. All of the castle requires the use of the Architect skill.

There are no environmental obstacles in this side-quest.


  • Insects
  • Demons
  • Undead
  • Vegeplasts
  • Wildlings
  • Beasts
  • Aquans
  • Wildlings (boss)

Notable Items



  • This quest is a good place to fight a variety of monsters and increase you Monster ranking, as well as pick up treasure and money.
  • You can recruit Musol Yanii from the dungeon if you are playing as the correct main character.

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