The Cygnus is an interregional luxury passenger ship in SaGa Frontier. It features prominently in the first half of Red's quest.

Locations Within the Ship

  • Bridge- this is where the pilot and navigator operate the ship.
  • Engine Room- this is where Hawk and Red work, as they are engineers.
  • Staterooms- passengers sleep here.
  • Accounting Office- Red gets his pay here.
  • Red's Quarters
  • BJ&K's Quarters

Red's Quest

Red works here after BlackX attacked him and his father. Hawk, a friend of the father, offered him job as an assistant engineer.

During a stopover in Baccarat, Red finds BlackX and fights them as Alkaiser.

During a stopover in Manhattan, Yuria finds weapons hidden inside BUCCI crates. Red and Fuse confront Cindy Campbell. After departing Manhattan, Nomad and her pirates hijack the Cygnus. Red teams up with Fuse, Roufas, BJ&K, Asellus, and Princess White Rose to take the ship back.

Other locations visited are Shrike, Koorong, Kyo, and Shingrow. Red leaves the ship, departing in Yorkland.

Later, Hawk offers to help Red infiltrate the BlackX ship BlackRay with a disguise.

Crew Members


  • The presence of staterooms indicated that interregional travel sometimes takes multiple days.
  • Red gets paid once a month. This implies the first half of the quest takes at least seven months.