Crystal City (クリスタルシティ) is a location in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.
Crystal City map

Crystal City map

It is the capital of Rosalia, home of King Karl and Prince Neidhart. One of the most beautiful and powerful cities in Mardias, home of many of powerful warriors. Founded by King Karl and Queen Rosa Reimann and named after the Crystal Lake. Land which was given to Rosa Reimann by the Emperor of Bafal Empire, Relia the Fourth, after years of service as one of the Imperial Guard. She was given this land for being the most loyal of his subjects and he also bestowed upon her the Fatestone the Aquamarine, which is now the royal treasure of Rosalia. When Rosa met King Karl I were later married and Rosalia grew in a prosperous nation.

Crystal City is defended by the Knights of The Rose and the Lancers of Rosalia and report directly to the king. The city is home to two temples of their patron Gods; Mirsa, God of War, and Nisa, God of Earth. Hometown of the Crystal Cartel merchants, one of the most powerful Guilds in Mardias and inventors of the crafting material Vernie, which is use in many of the armorments of the soldiers of the armies of Rosalia.

Many of the world's most powerful items and spells can be bought in Crystal City.

To unlock Crystal City one has to:





  • Rosalian Officer - Long Sword, Club, Lance, Shield, Bewitchery
  • Rosalian Lancer - Short Sword, Pole Arm, Bow, Bewitchery, Search
  • Rosalian Mage - Club, Staff, Hydrology, Demonology, Bewitchery
  • Frontier Guard - Foil, Long Sword, Shield
  • Trader - Survival, Strategy, Trading
  • Swordsman - Long Sword, Foil, Two-Handed Sword
  • Craftsman - Short Sword, Cosmology, Strategy


  • Find Ore - Search - 50 G
  • Find Herbs - Search - 50 G
  • Harvest - Gathering - 100 G
  • Mine - Gathering - 100 G
  • Climb - Survival - 100 G
  • Jump - Survival - 100 G
  • Trade - Trading - 300 G

Crystal Cartel

General Stores

Martial Arts Master

  • Attack Style - 40 G
  • Shield Style - 60 G
  • Trick Style - 100 G
  • Duel Style - 80 G
  • Assault Style - 100 G
  • Defense Style - 120 G
  • Mutli Style - 140 G




  • Repair Weapon
  • Add Native Silver
  • Add Rosalian Steel
  • Add Vernie
  • Add my materials
  • Increase Attack Power
  • Improve Durability
  • Change Mode - Attack, Defense, Trick, Attack/Defense, Attack/Trick, Defense/Trick, Improve Versatility


  • Add Native Silver
  • Add Rosalian Steel
  • Add Vernie
  • Add my materials
  • Increase PHY DEF
  • Increase MAG DEF

Temple of Nisa - Terrology

  • Pulverize - 240 G
  • Camouflage - 360 G
  • Earthen Grasp - 600 G
  • Summon Element - 1200 G
  • Tremor - 2160 G
  • Aegis - 3840 G

Temple of Mirsa - Bewitchery

  • Way of Defense - 720 G
  • Way of Spirit - 720 G
  • Way of Strength - 720 G
  • Way of Life - 1440 G
  • Way of Focus - 1440 G
  • Mark of Awakening - 4560 G

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