Chips and Crowns are the currency used in SaGa Frontier 2.


Crowns are the SaGa Frontier 2 equivalent of money, gold, coins, currency. Crowns can be spent in shops to buy or repair weapons and items. They can be acquired through the standard variety of means, inclduing;

  • Selling items
  • Dropped after battle
  • Found in treasure chests
  • Converting Chips to Crowns

Unfortunately, Crowns do not cross over to other characters. If you accumulate a large amount with someone like Wil Knights and then decide to play a scenario as Gustave XIII you will start his scenario with 0 Crowns, and not the previous stockpile. This can be avoided by converting Crowns into Chips (see below).


Chips are a secondary currency in SaGa Frontier 2. Chips are the building blocks, or raw materials, of all weapons, armour, accessories and items. Whenever you reduce an items durability to zero through battle it will break into a number of Chips (a fixed amount according to the item). Like Crowns, Chips can be used to purchase new items or Custom Tools. Chips can be acquired by the following means;

  • Reducing item durability to zero in battle
  • Turning items into Chips via a specialist shop
  • Dropped after battle
  • Found in treasure chests
  • Converting Crowns to Chips

Chips, unlike Crowns, carry over throughout the game, regardless of who you play as. There is a hidden Chips Circulation Counter in the game that calculates and keeps track of how many Chips you have acquired, used and have. This is used to determine what Custom Tools you can create as well as giving you a Rank upon beating the game.

The Chips Rank is broken down into 8 different grades:

  • S: 16,384 +
  • A: 8192 - 16,383
  • B: 4096 - 8191
  • C: 2048 - 4095
  • D: 1024 - 2047
  • E: 512 - 1023
  • F: 256 - 511
  • G: 0 - 255

Converting Crowns and Chips

At certain shops you can convert your Crowns to Chips (or vice versa). There are 3 rates at which you can convert currencies, but the middle rate (1:5) is the best option. Every "main" character has their own Crown counter, although Chips are shared. The biggest consequence of this is that you will lose your Crowns anytime a character is no longer able to be used. You can put a stop to this money loss by converting Crowns into Chips. The best way to do this is to buy as many tools as you can, then convert them into chips at Gruegel or Vogelang. Unfortunately, most tools are not worth their purchase price in Chips, so you'll still lose a fair bit of your money. Losing some is better than losing all, however.

But, all is not lost for Wil Knights, Eleanor, and Rich Knights. Anytime they can go to Laubholz, they can purchase the Oak Staff, which sells for 50 Crowns and is worth 10 Chips. Meaning, you won't lose any Crowns on this deal, and if you buy enough of them you can actually get more Crowns than you started with. (10 Oak Staves cost 500 Crowns; you can convert them into 100 Chips which in turn can be converted to 550 Crowns.) After every Knights scenario before "Ginny's Departure" visit either Vogelang or Gruegel to stock up on anything you need, then head to Laubholz to buy as many Oak Staves as you can hold, then go to either Vogelang or Gruegel (wherever you didn't visit before) to turn them into Chips.

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